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29" SunLight Traffic Warning Light Bar+LED Display - BEST SELLER

NEW GENERATION Durable Super Bright 29 Inches Directional Traffic Advisor Light bar is perfect for install at the back of your vehicle. It provides maximum visibility at all times while directing traffic through construction work zones. It comes with a LED Display Controller which allow you to change or view what flashing pattern is on.


Color :

Amber,   Red,   Red & White,   Amber and White,   Blue

Blue & White,     Green,     Green & White,     Amber & Blue

Red & Blue


Please select your color option at the bottom


Build in memory function - This light bar will remember your last used strobe pattern


  • 24W LED Light Strobe Bar;

  • Total 24 LEDs in the Lightbar

  • Dimension: 29"L x 2"W x 2"H;

  • Working voltage: DC 12V/DC 24V;

  • 25 Flash Patterns

  • Durable Aluminum housing

  • On/OFF Button, Flash Pattern Button, Traffic Advisor Button;

  • Cable length: 5 Meters

  • Waterproof for exterior mounting

This Light Bar is Great for Tow Truck, Emergency Workers, Construction truck, and Security vehicle, etc ...

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